4 Things You Should Know Before Traveling to Dubai


Named the seventh most visited city in the world just recently, Dubai has dazzled more than 14 million visitors the year before with its huge shopping malls, man-made islands, glittering skyline and luxury hotels. Although there are a lot of reasons why you should head out to Dubai on your next vacation, there are some things you need to be aware of before going there. Here are a few of them.

1. About 90% of the Population are Expatriates

You read it right, there are only about 10% residents in Dubai that actually hold an Emirati passport. Aside from that, the median age of these individuals is 27 years old, meaning that there is a global millennial population that is keeping the many bars, restaurants and beach clubs in business there.

2. Has Only One Temperature – Hot

If you’re from a place that goes through four seasons in a year, you might find it challenging to adjust to the climate in Dubai. This is because the desert climate there more or less stays the same. It will only rain a few days each year and the temperature swings from hot to hotter. During winter months in Dubai, an average of 77 degrees can be experienced and in summer, it can go past 113 degrees!

3. Almost Anything You Want to Buy Can Be Delivered to Your Doorstep

Nobody’s sure if it’s the extreme hit or the stiff competition of brands, but most establishments in Dubai would happily deliver their goods directly on your doorstep. The city has long been catering to people who would prefer not to leave the comfort of their home. With a simply phone call or a click of a mouse, you can have things delivered and pay for them when they arrive.

4. PDA is an Offense That Can Result in Being Arrested

When traveling to a different part of the world, respecting the local culture is very important. Since Dubai is a Muslim city, holding hands, cuddling and especially kissing is not allowed in public. Many would frown upon this there and many naïve foreigners have been arrested for committing such acts.